The Battle of the Sexes Among Radio’s Exes, Part III

By Leigh Jacobs | May 22, 2017

Part of the NuVoodoo talk, “The Battle of the Sexes Among Radio’s Exes,” at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood a few weeks ago dealt with podcasting. Leaning on data from two proprietary studies, our latest Ratings Prospects Study, comprising nearly 5,700 respondents, and our Nationwide Podcast Study, comprising nearly 3,000 respondents, we showed that…

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The Battle of the Sexes Among Radio’s Exes, Part II

By Leigh Jacobs | May 15, 2017

As we noted last week, NuVoodoo showed a deeper dive into data from our most recent Ratings Prospects Study while at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood. Our talk, “The Battle of the Sexes Among Radio’s Exes” showed that the percentages of consumers using non-broadcast radio options – and the TSL they’re giving to these…

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The Battle of the Sexes for Radio’s Exes

By Leigh Jacobs | May 8, 2017

At last week’s Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, NuVoodoo showed a deeper dive into data from our most recent Ratings Prospects Study (with nearly 5,700 respondents, ages 14-54) alongside data from a landmark study we’ve conducted into podcast usage (with nearly 3,000 respondents, ages 14-54). We’ll be sharing the podcast data deeply at Podcast Movement…

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What are the Best Appointment Times When Targeting At-Work Listening?

By PJ Kling | May 3, 2017

Days of the week and broad dayparts are talked about often when referring to contesting. But what specific times of the day work best? Plus, which has more upside: Residential or At-Work Telemarketing? Wait…telemarketing? Does anyone even answer their phone anymore? Yes! Particularly when discussing those likely to participate in your ratings. Mike O’Connor, EVP/Marketing, and…

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Music Test Screening: The Benefits (and Liabilities) of Montages

By Leigh Jacobs | May 1, 2017

Anyone who’s pored over music test results has wondered at some point, “Do we have the right people in the sample?” Lower-than-expected scores, results that diverge from expectations, concerns about a competitor’s airplay all play into the worries of any program director making decisions using music research. In pursuit of increased confidence that the “right…

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Things Respondents Don’t Know

By Leigh Jacobs | April 24, 2017

Back when radio stations did a lot more focus groups than they do now, every moderator’s guide included what became known as “The Magic Wand Question.” Respondents in the focus group were asked to imagine that the moderator had given them a magic wand they could use to change anything about the radio station that…

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How Many Fewer Commercials Make a Difference?

By Leigh Jacobs | April 17, 2017

Broadcast radio has long been fighting listener concerns about too many commercials. Over the past few decades, chasing the opportunity to program some types of stations primarily as music distribution services, commercial load has even been part of the positioning at times. While programmers may not be able to unilaterally reduce spotload, they can often…

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Your Database is Even More Important Than You Think

By Leigh Jacobs | April 10, 2017

420 years ago, Sir Francis Bacon is credited with using the phrase “knowledge is power.” Given the comparatively small size of Nielsen’s samples and the limited universe of people who are likely to carry a meter or return a diary, it’s critical to know as much as possible about not only those in the Nielsen…

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The Other Problems with Commercials

By Leigh Jacobs | April 3, 2017

We’re all aware that current spot loads leave radio painfully over-commercialized at times, compared to even the free levels of Spotify, Pandora and other online players. In the PPM world, fewer breaks yield better ratings than more breaks. So, in the most extreme cases, breaks get long enough that some advertisers complain. While the digital…

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Alexa, Play (My Favorite Radio Station) for Me

By Leigh Jacobs | March 27, 2017

Last week we wrote about using the Amazon Echo (or Google Home) to listen to radio in your home. While there are a few venerable clock radios still on nightstands and some homes may have a Bose Wave Radio lurking somewhere, there are fewer and fewer radios in homes today. Among music station P1’s across…

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