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What Brings Your Station’s Community Together?

For Conservative-leaning talk stations, what brings station communities together is pretty obvious. For NPR, it’s also obvious (though in a different direction). While it varies for different music radio formats and stations, the starting point is pretty consistently that listeners like the music the station plays. In terms of finding a way for a music…

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How Do People Feel When They Experience Your Station?

We thought it was amazing that when we asked over two thousand Millennials, ages 14-29, across all PPM markets to rate a variety of news sources for trust, that the top 7 were all legacy news outlets. Facebook and Huffington Post show up nearly tied for eighth, both outpaced by Fox News among 14-17’s. Were…

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People Will Do Anything to Alleviate Anxiety

There’s a moment in season 6 of Mad Men, where Draper’s neighbor Dr. Rosen is leaving a dinner with Don and his wife to attend to an emergency at the hospital. Draper is envying Rosen’s life-saving career as a doctor, but Rosen points out the similarity in their jobs as he departs, observing, “People will…

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